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Distance and In Person Energy Healing


Soul Healing Can Improve all Areas of Your Life:

 Mental , Emotional, Physical and Spiritual

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Using ancient sacred healing prayers and healing energy from Divine sources, Soul Healing can get rid of negativity in life, karma,wounds and abuse.

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What is Soul Healing

Soul Healing is the root to all healing-- mental , emotional, physical and spiritual

The soul is the divine source within you. The journey of the soul is the reason we are here in a body. All negativity that befalls our life is related to that soul journey.  When the soul is healed, all other aspects of life and health follow.  Soul healing is means to get rid of past karmas and experience inner healing from all negativity, illness and abuse in this life.

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"Cindy is gentle and loving while uncompromising in her strength and professionalism. Cindy helps me to “see” myself, the world and other people, in ways nobody has been able to. Through her magical gifts and mastered skills, Cindy heals. I trust Cindy with my soul and mind." 

EV Distance Client

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Contact Cindy for a Healing

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Soul Healing Sessions

Distance and In Person Sessions

Experience this Metaphysical Energy Healing Approach to Chakra Healing, Physical and Emotional Health, Personal Growth, and Soul Development.

Read More about How Distance Healing Works

Hear "Soul Talk: The importance of Soul Healing"

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On Line Video Classes

Learn in Self Paced Classes, In the Privacy of Your Home

Holy Womb Chakra Class

The womb chakra is the access point in Holy Womb Charka Class

you to enlightenment, miracles and the divine feminine power of all creation. For both men and women, purification and empowerment of the womb chakra is your fast track to spiritual power and transcendence. Watch and Read More

Sacred Menopause Class

The time of menopause is a time when the wise blood is held within; a crowning time of your sacred feminine power. Learn the ancient practices of empowerment to reach your enlightenment and become a

wise woman. Watch and Read More

Sacred Pregnancy: Processes of Soul Enlightenment for a Baby in the Womb

A mother can develop her child’s soul as it is growing in her womb. 

She can transmit high spiritual energy through simple practices, prayers, and meditations. 

These techniques for Mothers and Practitioners can awaken the highest spiritual energy and consciousness i

This course will provide everything you need to understand and empower your connection to the 5 elements.

Watch and Read More

Kaala Chakra: Mastering the Secrets of Time

The Kaala Chakra is the wheel of time that determines and limits our progression and plays out our karmas.

It is our soul clock and the clock of creation.

When we master the Kaala Chakra we gain protection from karma and advancement in our soul progression. Mastering Kaala is key to our enlightenment and to accessing the miracle energies of all creation. Watch and Read More

Introduction to Soul Healing

This class is for those who have charged channesl from Sri Kaleshwar and want to know how to use those for healing others.

Watch and Read More.

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"Soul Talk" Audio Blog Series

Hear Free Talks on Topics of the Soul

 These Soul Talk blogs will take you on a journey to your own soul. With the understanding, inspiration, divine wisdom and ancient practices presented here, you can start living your divine life, a life from your soul. 

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     Hear Free Audio Teachings on

                     The Soul

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What is the Soul

The soul is pure light and vibration.  It is the piece of God and divine mother in you. Your soul is your true self.  It can be your guiding light to a life of fulfillment, happiness and grace. Learn more about the nature of the soul and where it is located. Hear how worldly vibrations impact on the soul.

Releasing Everyday Negativity: Decharge Techniques

Ever feel hit by negativity? Listen to these practices to clear out negativity: Decharge Techniques

The world is full of positive and negative. Though we try for the positive, sometimes we encounter the negative. When negativity happens to you—here are some quick and easy techniques to release that negativity and return to your divine self.

Watch: Importance of Decharge Intro Video

Read More

More Topics on the Soul

Contact me today for access to additional articles.

Meditation and Prayer Resources


Nirvikalpa Samadhi Pranayama

Nirvikalpa samadhi is the second stage of samadhi, a meditative state of total absorption and bliss.  Though it generally a state that only advanced meditators can achieve, this alternate nostril breath practice and help you to settle into a deeper mediation even if you are a beginner.


Mother's Prayers for a Child of Any Age

This is your resources section. You can use this space to publish relevant tips about therapy, new trends in psychology and legal resources for your visitors. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged.

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About Cindy

Divine Soul Healer and Teacher

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Cindy Lindsay has been an energy healer for over 30 years. She has studied with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. She is a graduate of Kaleshwar's Soul University in India and is a certified teacher of the ancient mantra and yantra systems.

Before that, she was a teacher and healer in the Inka Shamanic Traditions of Peru.

Prior to being a healer, Cindy earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

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Feedback I’ve Received

Helping my patients is the reason I get up in the morning. Read on to find out all the wonderful things my clients have to say about their Divine Soul Healing Experience.  E-mail me today to schedule your appointment.


"Many miracles happen in every healing session. I have been healed of two major, chronic illnesses and my childhood and adult life have been healed. Cindy is kind, caring and an extraordinary gifted healer and person."

Judy D. Distance Client


"What Cindy does WORKS, faster and more deeply than any other healing modality I've used. That's because she energetically removes on many levels those deep, old "stuck" places that more superficial techniques never reach. She is skilled, well trained, kind and aligned with the Divine. Namaste and thank you, Cindy!"

Anna G. In Person and Distance Client


"Cindy is a diamond in the world, offering her clarity and crystal facets of Love, Healing and Wisdom from her deep connection with the Divine. Cindy ignites the spark within us to learn how to connect to the Divine power we all have within us. I recommend for those who truly wish to learn how to master their own souls' healing and to know their own inner voice to seek out her Divine guidance as a soul healer. You will be Blessed!"

Debra E Student and Distance Client

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